Decoding Part Numbers On Cobra Motors

Here is how you decode the part number on a Cobra motor.

The last motor you listed below has the following part number: CB1501133193

The part number is broken up to the following groups: CB 15 01 13 3193

CB = Cobra Motor

15 = Made in the year 2015

01 = Made in January

13 = Made on the 13th day of the month

3193 = Serial number 3193 from this production run

The number is laser engraved on each motor after it is manufactured at the factory. If you are looking on a website, you cannot go by the serial number shown in the photo, because that could be any motor, and the serial number may have been PhotoShopped onto the photo.

On the box itself is also a date as shown in the photo below. In the lower left corner you see the date 01.04.2015, this date code would be read the 1st day of April, 2015, which is the date the motor was packaged. Normally this is the same date the motor was made, but it may be a day or two later on a very large production run.



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